IP Address Assignment and </br> Usage Policy

IP Address Assignment and Usage Policy

1. Policy Overview:

Company assigns IP space for use by its Customers in accordance with this IP Address Assignment and Usage Policy (the "Policy") and, as applicable, the DATA FIRST guidelines which may include publication of Company Customer information on the DATA FIRST database. This Policy is subject to change at any time without notice based on Company's business and operational requirements and changes to the DATA FIRST guidelines.

IP address assignment is based on Customers justified need rather than solely on predicted Customer base. In requesting and maintaining IP address assignments including reassignment of Company-assigned IP address space, Customer must abide by this Policy and the DATA FIRST guidelines for ISPs.

2. Requesting Initial and Additional IP Address Assignments:

Customers requesting initial or additional assignments of IP address space must complete the IP Space Request Form.

Requests for IP address assignments must:

meet the requirements of this Policy and the DATA FIRST guidelines represent only such additional space as is required to serve a Customer's three-month projected need. At Company's discretion, additional IP address assignments may be allocated based on a Customers six-month projected need;

in the case of additional assignments, demonstrate Customers efficient use of at least eighty percent of its existing IP address assignment;

in the case of additional assignments, demonstrate that IP address space already assigned to Customer which has been reassigned by Customer has been Swiped according to DATA FIRST instructions and that appropriate information is visible via WHOIS prior to allocation of additional space, and in the case of a multi-homed Customer, be accompanied by relinquishment of the original IP address space previously assigned by Company.

3. Non-Portability:

Network space assigned by Company for Customer use in connection with Company service is non-portable.

Upon expiration or termination of Company's service agreement with Customer or upon return of IP address by Customer, all registered hosts on Company's address space will also be removed from the DATA FIRSTWHOIS database and all root name servers. Customer is solely responsible for transitioning its network hosts to new IP address space prior to expiration of its Company service agreement.

4. Customer Network and IP Address Usage Requirements:

Customer must at any and all times be able to demonstrate upon request its efficient use of IP address assignments by providing Company with appropriate documentation, including assignment histories.

Customer shall implement space-conserving technologies or practices to the extent available and appropriate, such as variable length subnet mask (VLSM) and classless technologies (CIDR), network address translation, and shared IP address use for multiple domains. ISP Customers requesting IP address space to be used for IP-based Web hosting shall provide its technical justification for this practice and explain why space-conserving alternatives are not available or appropriate.

5. Customer Reassignment of Company-assigned IP Address Space:

If Customer further reassigns Company-assigned IP address space, Customer shall SWIP the space within seven (7) days of such reassignment. Customer shall continue to update and maintain the accuracy of such reassignment information.

6 Rejection of Customer Requests for Additional IP Address Assignments:

Company may, in its sole discretion, reject a Customers request for additional IP address assignment where:

Customer has failed to comply with this Policy and applicable ARIN guidelines;

Customer is in breach of its service agreement with Company or Company's Acceptable Use Policy, has a history of Acceptable Use Policy violations, or in Company's sole determination is likely to breach Company's Acceptable Use Policy; and Company has a business or technical reason for doing so.

In addition to the foregoing, Company may grant additional IP address assignments on condition that Customer comes into compliance with any of the foregoing.