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Over the last few months, the pandemic of COVID-19 took the world by the storm. The entire world is under lockdown, with a critical need for a shift to digital solutions. While the pandemic has affected all the industries in the most unprecedented ways, one industry has grown stronger. It is cloud computing. Considering the current scenario, the need for cloud computing has escalated. The restriction of physical interaction has led to the businesses transforming to remote work strategies. It is quite a challenge for the businesses to retain their productivity along with considering the economic growth of the business. However, the cloud computing technology is to the rescue offering collaborative solutions.

What is the cloud in computers, and how is it helping the industries?

The cloud is a digital space over the internet. It saves companies from the cost of having their own IT infrastructure. It allows individuals to pay for cloud storage space when they need it. Nowadays, ample of cloud services are available including storage, processing, networking among others. Cloud computing is playing a vital role in carrying out all the online services and businesses. These include:

Online commerce: Most online retailers rely on clouds with the surge in transactions and requirements for supplies. The cloud hosting tackles the upsurge in online traffic easily which does not disrupt the business procedures, unlike web hosting. Healthcare services: To maximise the outcomes from patients, several government institutions and services have gone digital. The cloud helps in lowering the cost of IT increasing productivity. In the current scenario, it helps in improving the response and data accessibility. Entertainment industry: Amidst the lockdown, the industry which has benefited the most is the social media and online streaming platforms. These include Amazon Prime, Netflix, video games, among other applications. The cloud helps in dealing with the traffic surge.

Without cloud computing, the world will not collapse, but the industries might. At this hour, it is the most viable and stable option for all the web platforms.