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Selecting a data center for your business that meets the business requirements is an important decision for a company. A wrong data center or colocation service provider could lead to issues such as - poor connectivity of your online service, limited scalability, and could lead to security breaches. Choosing the best data center or a server colocation provider is essentially important for your business because your data's security highly depends on it.

Here are some important considerations you should take into planning while selecting a data center for business needs.


While selecting a data center, the most important aspect to consider is the location of the facility. Try to find a reliable colocation service provider nearest to your business location with minimal chances of natural disasters. Almost every certified data center service provider like DATA FIRST considers this aspect while building a data center facility. However, you should do additional due diligence to ensure that your infrastructure remains secured in cases of natural calamities.


It is also very important to make sure that the colocation center under consideration is well-equipped with backup solutions for all primary utilities, such as HVAC, fire, power, etc. Essentially, you must ensure the data center has disaster recovery (DR) locations plans in case of mishaps, power failures, human error etc.


A data center service provider and business must have an Service Level Agreement (SLA), which provides maximum network uptime, power facility and cooling stability. DATA FIRST provides SLA as part of the contract. You can evaluate all the components of the service before signing the contract. Reliability is measured in terms of uptime of a data center, and a reliable data center should have at least 99.985% uptime.


While considering a right data center or colocation service provider, you should look at whether the company has a team of Certified Engineers and experience in serving the market. Your data center should be able to support your IT workload for at least 5 years. Do your research well about all nearby data center service providers, check the experience and security of your data or IT appliances in the company before you hand over your valuable assets or data to them.


We often ignore one of the most valued benefits of a data center is its ability to interconnect within a co-space. This type of interconnection will add value to your IT workload, so it is worth checking if the selected data center provider possesses enough ecosystem of clients who are already interconnected.


You may need to expand your business in the near future, so it is essential that you check whether the current data center is sufficient enough to meet long-term business needs. Also, find out about different types of flexible hosting plans you get offered. You must have the ability to scale up or down based on your business requirements seamlessly.


A good data center will surely use a centralized uninterruptible power system (UPS) for emergency power. These systems automatically take load on when the main power source is down and must display the amount of energy remaining before they run out as well. Backup genset should be on-site and in working order, even if you aren't in an area that faces constant outages.

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