From Our Experts

Even as the march of cloudifying IT functions was continuing apace the pre-Corona age, a new era seems to have arrived in the virus ridden world. Embracing the cloud has become both urgent and imperative. The pace of embracing cloud has accelerated multi fold. The Work From Home workflow architecture demands adoption of cloud.

TCS has announced that 75 percent of their employees will be working from home by 2025. This is truly a paradigm shift and likely to be adopted to varying degree by lots of IT companies. A large number of IT and non-IT businesses have migrated to WFH to whatever extent was possible even during lockdown.

The clout of cloud business now reflects in the market cap on stock market of biggies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, even as other listed companies are taking a beating brought upon them by the virus.

Increasing demand of cloud services has led many CSPs to announce large investments in cloud infrastructure. For example, Microsoft has announced more than a million dollar investment each in Poland, Italy, and New Zealand. Alibaba has announced a staggering investment of more than 14 billion USD.

To meet the demand many companies are in the process of offering innovative 'Work From Home as a service' solutions. Cloud Planet technologies, which has been offering premium cloud services for the last 12 years through it's own data centers, is one of them.

The coronavirus has brought immense suffering to our world. It has also brought an opportunity for businesses to embrace cloud and bring attendant efficiency and ease in their business processes. And cloud players are responding to meet the resultant need.